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Diamond depths

REGULAR / BRILLIANT CUT DIAMONDS This cut has been the most popular since it was invented in the early 1900s. The brilliance comes from within the diamond as the facets act like mirror-like prisms, drawing in light and reflecting it around. With this cut, you cannot see through the diamond, and the diamond has a height that allows for light to come up underneath no matter what setting she is in. - Depth creates remarkable shimmer - Clarity noticable in any setting - Classic look, good investment value - We can source any shape/cut - Princess cut, Baguette cut, Cushion cut, Emerald cut, Asscher cut, Radiant cut, Pear cut, Oval cut, Hexagon cut, and other unique cuts. - Sits up to show the glory within - ~6mm = 1 carat round. | The weight of the diamond (carat) includes the pavilion (or the V shape area). Shop all of our diamonds for custom rings ROSE CUT DIAMONDS In the 1500s, this diamond design was hand cut to mimic the spiral and beauty of a rose. The facets are still hand cut and maybe times offer different patterns on each piece. The more opaque rose cut diamonds are completely flat on the bottom, while the higher grade rose cuts have more facets cut underneath in order for the light to be relfected on beautifully throughout the diamond. Some rose cut diamonds can be taller, known as dutch rose cuts - Shimmers all over the top, has some depth to see as well - Easier for Midwinter Co. to find in unique shapes - Antique look, unique! - Sometimes it can sit lower in a setting, but often we want to give it a little height to allow light in from underneath to show the clarity. - If very clear, might be more see-through than brilliant/regular - ~6mm = .75 carat round. | Lower carat weight for the same top dimension, which can mean a less expensive stone for the look you want. Shop all of our diamonds for custom rings

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