Round Sapphire Rings

At Midwinter Co. Jewelry, we are a sustainable and tiny but trusted small business to create your unique and alternative bride type engagement rings. We are a leader in the salt and pepper diamond world, a quiet luxury brand that works one on one with you to design the most unique, gorgeous, modern jewelry. Midwinter Co. is also one of the only brands that specializes in acutely unique gemstones such as bi-color sapphires, teal green blue sapphires, mossy aquamarine, mossy agate, black tourmaline in quartz, gold in quartz, tourmaline in unique colors, gray sapphires, gray spinel, dark gray spinel, dark gray diamonds, black diamonds, black speckled diamonds, celestial diamonds, galaxy diamonds, dendritic agate, dendritic opal, dendritic quartz, branchy gemstones, quartz with black star hollandite, alexandrite, garnet, peridot with or without tourmaline, harmony quartz aka melody quartz aka seven stone quartz, morganite, emerald, topaz, misty white diamonds, white blue diamonds, opalescent diamonds, opalescent sapphires, parti sapphires, and more. Within our walls, we carry only a small select of stock as much of our work is custom. We custom design and personalize every ring setting/mounting to fit the unique gemstones and diamonds we carry. We can design you a custom ring set based off of a drawing or screen shots, aesthetics, themes, and more. We also have bridal necklaces, bridal earrings, mothers earrings, bridesmaids earrings, modern asymmetrical sapphire diamond earrings and more. Our small team is mighty and caring. Midwinter Co. is top rated with 5/5 100% 5 star on google. Drive 25-35 minutes from Philadelphia to visit our showroom to see our in stock pieces and stones. We can create: couples rings, rings for couples, rings for twins, twins rings, ring sets for couples, matching ring sets, custom stacking rings, custom stacking ring sets, bridal sets, custom right hand rings, custom mother gemstone rings, vintage style rings, modern style engagement rings, rings for the alt-bride, etc. We are LGBTQIA+ friendly, husband and wife owned. Our brand has been featured on E! News, Refinery 29, Vogue UK & magazines nation and internationally. We hope to be a small part of your story. Thank you for being a big part of ours!