We are a small family business and we know purchases over 1k are a huge deal to many. This autumn, we are launching our 20/4 Layaway Plan.

Layaway plans are for purchases over $1000. This is a simple plan to put 20% down, plus a layaway fee of $50, and an agreed upon payment schedule between 1-6 months.

  • Layaway payment plans are non refundable.
  • The item will fall under our Custom Product policies that you must agree to.
  • If the item is not paid off completely within 7 months (this is a one month grace period), you will lose your payments made toward the purchase and the product goes back into our inventory to sell.
  • Layaway plans can be customized to fit your needs from 1-6 months. 

Example layaway payments:

Total of the ring: $1550

Layaway fee: $50


Down payment (20%) $310 

First payment total $365


4 x $310 Four more equal payments of $310 within 6 months

Paid off & time to create and ship!


Contact us to get started!