.75 carat Gray Celestial Pear Diamond - Inventory Code GP75


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This purchase is for the diamond that we will be making into your custom piece of jewelry.

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 If you purchase a setting with this diamond, your total is for the completed piece. We get in touch with you with any questions or clarification we need, and please get in touch with us for the same. If you purchase just this stone, we will be in touch to discuss your setting options and will invoice you for the setting. Settings start at $280.

About this stone:

  • Shape/Cut: Pear Rose Cut
  • Carat weight: .75 carat
  • Color: Clear with black inclusions
  • Dimensions: 7.1mm
  • Width: 5mm
  • Depth: 2.4mm
  • Clarity: 30%, i3, very very shimmery with nice translucency
  • Note: Inclusions and detail seen here are 20-40x zoom. Has a natural opening on the bottom of the diamond near an edge, not very noticable, pricing reflects this.

*The purchase of this diamond is an agreement to begin a custom piece with this diamond, starting at an additional $280 for a simple setting, that you will be billed for once a decision is made. This is one of a kind, and the exact diamond you will receive. Please read our policies

**Additional policy applies: Please inform is within 3 days if you wish to cancel this diamond order. You may immediately email us with screen shots, drawings, or other visual reference for your ring setting at MidwinterCo@gmail.com

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