Custom Gray Celestial Diamond ™ Ring - Pick your diamond



Every celestial diamond ™ ring that we make is a custom, one of a kind ring that you design from start to finish. We offer you the diamonds to pick from, and show you minimal and lovely settings to customize in your metal, metal texture, and optional accent stones. 


It is time to start the process when you are  about 6 weeks away from the proposal. That gives us time to discuss, pick your diamond, process payment, and get started with the metal work. When you contact us to start a Celestial Diamond  Ring, we offer you diamonds to pick from within your happy budget range, starting at $550 for a half carat in sterling. If you do not know where to start or feel intimidated by the process, Samantha, our designer, will hold your virtual hand along the way by educating, offering ideas, and guiding you with patience and kindness. Start right now by heading over to our Custom Order Inquiry Form


We are a tiny business centered on relationships. Midwinter Co. is run by a husband and wife team. Love is our foundation and our purpose. We work one on one with our clients, doing our best to tell your story through our work. Our jewelry is meaningful and sentimental, relational and purposeful. You are a large part of our story, and we hope to be a small part of yours.


They are genuine, real, natural, made of pure carbon from the earth. We only work with reliable sources with fair trade practices. You will not find one man-made or lab stone in any of our jewelry.

They are unique because of their natural character. All genuine diamonds are mined from the earth and are made of carbon. Because they are formed deep within the earth, all diamonds have birthmarks. Some diamonds have carbon that has not crystalized that create the dark character in our diamonds. Diamonds are graded on their clarity, and most jewelers and businesses in the industry prefer specific color and clarity grade. We simply do not conform to the mainstream idea of perfection, and believe our diamonds are the epitome of true perfection: each is unique, real, and stunningly beautiful in it's own right... just like the person wearing it. Read more about our diamonds... 


  • Cuts/Shapes: Most of our celestial diamonds are round brilliant cut or pear cut. We are open to your ideas, and will hunt for your favorite cut.
  • Metals: Sterling, Gold fill, 14k Gold, 18k Gold, Platinum
  • Metal colors: Silver, Rose Gold, Yellow Gold, White Gold
  • Metal textures: Brushed/Matte, Scratched, Hammered, Flat hammer (tree bark), Oxidized, Polished, Stamped designs possible.
  • Engraving: Engraving is an option, engraved rings not returnable.
  • Prongs: 3 or 4 for pears, 4 or 6 for rounds, 4 for others
  • Accent stones: Optional in different settings, and many different stone options.
  • Size: custom