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We work with you to custom design an amazing genuine diamond ring. Everyone one of these rings that sells is a custom, one of a kind piece holding your choice of a genuine, earth mined diamond that we call celestial diamonds (previously known as galaxy diamond).

These photos show only a few of the rings we have made and customized. You and I work together to pick the perfect diamond for you (or you can trust us to pick a wonderful gray diamond), and we can also discuss different setting options, accent stones, and more.

Please let us know if you want to pick your diamond. If you do, we will contact you with videos or photos to pick from :) You may also contact us first to pick before you purchase via convo or email

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We are a tiny business centered on relationships. Midwinter Co. is run by a husband and wife team. Love is our foundation and our purpose. We work one on one with our clients, doing our best to tell your story through our work. Our jewelry is meaningful and sentimental, relational and purposeful. You are a large part of our story, and we hope to be a small part of yours.



They are genuine, real, natural, made of pure carbon from the earth. We only work with reliable sources with fair trade practices. You will not find one man-made or lab stone in any of our jewelry.

We often work with amazing and stunning natural diamonds that we call Galaxy diamonds, a.k.a. Salt and Pepper diamonds. Everything about the diamond is real, and possibly even more real than your "standard" diamond that may have been heat treated or had it's inclusions microscopically removed. The perfectly imperfect stones are each unique, and since they are not your standard mass-purchased stone in our industry, isn't worth the effort to "bad guys" to even make fakes.

They are unique because of their natural character. All genuine diamonds are mined from the earth and are made of carbon. Because they are formed deep within the earth, all diamonds have birthmarks. Some diamonds have carbon that has not crystalized that create the dark character in our diamonds. Diamonds are graded on their clarity, and most jewelers and businesses in the industry prefer specific color and clarity grade. We simply do not conform to the mainstream idea of perfection, and believe our diamonds are the epitome of true perfection: each is unique, real, and stunningly beautiful in it's own right... just like the person wearing it.

We can offer only certified, high clarity and stunning natural diamonds if that is what you are interested in working with. These are fine diamonds and the cost starts at $1000 extra.

Our Galaxy Diamonds are not certified, but they can be certified upon request ($100+ fee for GIA). To put it simply, they just have not gone through the certification process. Businesses often send their diamonds to be certified before they set, or they employ a GIA graduate gemologist to do that work. This does not make our diamonds any less genuine or less special than a certified diamond. Since our diamonds are not the jeweler's standard diamond, they are skipped over in this process because they often just aren't perfect looking enough to be graded and are obviously not fake. However, we can offer to send your diamond to GIA to be certified for you before we set it, pricing varies on what they charge per carat. You may also want to get it independently appraised locally. These are all optional, and up to you to make a decision on what you feel is necessary for you.



Brilliant round
Other options available, please contact first



.5 carat 5mm

.75 carat 6mm

1 carat 6.5mm

Other carat weights and sizes always available! 

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Bright Sterling Silver
Oxidized Sterling Silver
14k solid yellow gold
14k solid rose gold
14k solid white gold
Platinum is available, additional $500


Just let us know what you'd love!

Hammered + matte
Hammered + polished
Brushed / Rugged


Just let us know what you'd love!

4 prongs - default upon purchase 
6 prongs - free upgrade option





CUSTOM WORK POLICIES FOR RETURN / EXCHANGE --- by purchasing, you agree:

If you are not satisfied with your custom piece, inform us within 5 days of receiving your product to be able to receive a full refund. After 5 days, the window is closed and we will work with you to exchange it or return for store credit. A 30% fee will be applied to your refund. You will pay the return shipping and insurance.

If you want to exchange for the same or a different item, please contact us within 5 days of receiving your item. You will pay return shipping and shipping the new item(s) to you. You might also pay a 10-30% restocking fee on the original item.

After 5 days with no contact, we are going to assume your piece has fully satisfied you, and we will no longer offer an open exchange.