Custom Rose Cut Solitaire Diamond Ring


Photographed here is a custom made 1.3 carat ring as your example piece (Custom work, $3800), and a .6 carat custom made ring in sterling silver.

We work with you directly to pick your diamond color, shape, and metals, and all at your budget.

At this purchase price:

You will receive a 14k gold (white, yellow, or rose gold) setting. This is your choice. 

Diamond - pretty gray rose cut natural diamond at 1 carat weight of your choice in your choice of shape. We work with you to pick your diamond.

Pricing for custom work depends on clarity, cut, and shape of the diamond.


We work with you to pick your diamond. You can contact us first via our Custom Product Inquiry form, or email us at You can also purchase this listing first and we can work with you from there based on this price.

The diamonds are ethically sourced, and clarity for this purchase price is I2-3, a misty clarity or more gray/clear with black inclusions, based on your preference.

Shape can vary based on your preference as well. Pictured here is an oval shape, but shapes can be: cushion, round, emerald, kite, freeform, princess, or other unique types. 


Pictured here are two types - solid 14k yellow and white gold, and a black oxidized Sterling Silver. Your choice of metal and prong shape. We work with you after purchase to discuss your preferences!

Let's get started on customizing your ring! Contact us at or fill out our simple Custom Work Inquiry form

Fine print:

Every piece made will be custom. Please read our Custom work policies. Turn around time may be up to 2-5 weeks to receive your diamond and get it set.