EverAnne - Double Diamond Ring - 14k yellow and white gold - Ready to size and ship


Here at Midwinter Co., a passion we have is mining for perfectly designed antique jewelry. We often find beauties and repair, replace stones, upcycle pieces, and even give them new life with converting from one jewelry type to another. This sister branch of our business is called Midautumn, and has it's own set of policies including return/exchange, and warranties that you agree to when you make this purchase. Welcome to a Midautumn piece. 

These two diamonds are very symoblic. They go together, but they are not alike. They should be together forever, but they are cut differently, are ever-so-slightly different in tone and clarities, and carry different characteristics. Yet, to the naked eye, they appear the perfect pair.

The designer of this ring likely put together diamonds that were very sentimental to someone, and it is in a style from the 1940s-50s. One may be a lot older than the other, possibly two family heirlooms.

  • 1 round European cut diamond .14ct | I1-H | 3.26mm 
  • 1 round Brilliant cut diamond .10ct | VS-G |  3.07mm 
  • 5mm x 8.5mm stone / white gold area
  • Slim 2mm band 14k gold - white and yellow gold
  • Size 6.5* 
  • Video: Click here to watch a video of this ring
  • A flat band of any type can sit with this as a wedding band. We recommend our Constance band.

Set in 14k white gold with a 14k yellow gold band. The white gold prong setting is called an illusion setting, allowing the diamonds to look large. The setting also appears like a clover, or flower, showing it's genuine antique nature.

*We will size this for you, and it will count as your first resize (free). If you would like this shipped fast, please input size 6.5, and we can send next business day. 10% return fee if we resize and you decide to return it. When we size this ring, it will take 2-10 business days to send depending on our workload. You can take this to a local jeweler to size, if you decide to keep her.

Please remember to read our Midautumn policies that includes the return/exchange, and warranties that you agree to when you make a purchase. Thank you! 

Shipping is FREE worldwide - insured + tracked.

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