Gwen Ring - Choose your diamond - 4 prong basket set Diamond Solitaire with options


We work with you to pick out your ideal diamond! Pricing can vary depending on your diamond's clarity and grading. This listing is to give you an idea of price. If purchased through this listing, we will work with you to pick a diamond at your purchase price for the best diamond available. Please leave your ring size in the note box at checkout.

This pricing is for a diamond similar to the one shown here.


Our galaxy diamonds:

  • Translucent gray in color
  • Black galaxy-like inclusions
  • 6mm
  • .95-1.25 carat weight (Top dimension of 6mm will be the goal size, height varies the diamond carat weight)
  • Ethically sourced 
  • Read more about them here.

We also work with more classic diamonds and prices vary. Email for a quote.


  • 4 prong basket set
  • 14k gold in rose, white or yellow
  • 2mm wide
  • Any size - leave a note with size upon checkout.

Let's work on this together before you purchase, or work on a custom diamond ring! Email us to choose your diamond with the following information:

  • Desired carat weight - We work with any carat weight diamonds. This setting will fit as little as .75 carat and up to 2.5 carat. 
  • Happy budget range - We work with you to stay within a budget of your choice. We will show you diamonds within your budget and offer a range below and above so that you can see the differences.
  • Diamond texture - Do you like the galaxy diamond look we offer, or do you prefer a more classic eye-clean diamond? 
  • Diamond cut - round brilliant, or cushion?

Email questions and info to:

This purchase requires that you understand our custom product policies.