Ivan - Rose cut white Moissanite diamond inlay 4 prong setting - 1 in 10k rose in size 6 is ready to ship


About Moissanite...

Moissanite was initially discovered in 1893 by a French scientist named Henri Moissan, known for winning a Nobel Prize. He discovered genuine Moissanite inside of a crater in Arizona that was created by a meteorite. When he discovered it, he thought he found diamonds, but later found that it was made of silicon carbide.

Refractive Index (Brilliance): 2.65  |  Diamonds: 2.40

Dispersion (Fire): 1.04 | Diamonds: .044

Hardness: 9.5/10  | Diamonds 10/10

Natural Moissanite is very very rare on earth, so we must offer Lab Grown Moissanite, which is grown from the same natural materials the original genuine stones were made from. The They are engineered to shimmer and shine with extreme fire, but scientifically they are unlike a diamond. Moissanite is the only man made stone that we will work with, because of the unique properties and they’re absolutely conflict free.

These stones are not 'fake diamonds' at all. They are appreciated as an alternative, as their own special type of stone. The type of fire and brilliance is unmatched by even the best diamonds on earth because they shimmer rainbow tones, and have a higher refractive index. They have natural inclusions similar to all gemstones on earth because they are indeed all uniquely grown.

About this stone:

  • Shape/Cut: Round Rose Cut
  • Cut grade: Very good
  • Carat weight: 1 carat
  • Color: Colorless White E-F
  • Width: 6mm
  • Clarity: Extreme clarity, VS, absolutely no inclusion can be seen.
  • Conflict-free

This setting

  • Name: Ivan
  • 10k rose gold in size 6. Please note that there is an upgrade and change size option.
  • 1.5mm, flat but comfortable
  • 6 natural 1mm white ethically sourced inlayed diamonds
  • 1 is ready to ship in a size 6 in 10k yellow gold
  • As seen pictured with our Evary and Clarissa bands.
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