Mossy Aquamarine Drop Necklace - Flash Vacation Sale

$85.00 $38.00

Note: This item unavailable after July 3rd.

Natural Stone: Aquamarine. Mossy, light blue-green tones, natural includes.

Pendant area: 1/2" 12mm to 3/4" 15mm tall, each piece varies slightly

Chain: 18" .925 high quality Sterling silver*** with lobster claw clasp. 

Customization: unavailable. 


***Due to this being older stock, some natural oxidation may be occurring to the .925 sterling silver metal in this necklace, turning the metal golden in some areas. This is not rust. We will be including a free sterling silver cleaning cloth will come with your order to remove this oxidation at home! Can can choose to keep letting it oxidize for that dark oxidized look. This is not unusual for sterling silver, as all sterling needs care to keep it's bright tone, and you'll be happy you have your sterling cleaning cloth for future use!

The not small "small print" on these vacation sale pieces:

Final sale - No refunds, exchanges, or returns. No repairs will be made on any of the sale necklaces, and only refunds for damage after return within 30 days of receipt. We are happy to help you fix it DIY style though! Free sterling cleaning cloth comes with your entire order, not one for each necklace. 

Processing and shipping time

Shipping for the sale pieces will start July 3rd until it's all shipped out.