Oxidized Sterling Band Ring


These bands are hand treated solid .925 sterling silver. You choose your size, width, and style. We hand customize each band in our studio.

This rugged style is hand scraped with tools, oxidized, and re-scraped to create a dark, matte imperfect looking finish. 

Comfort (half round), and flat bands available, and your choice of width.

Note on oxidation: 

Oxidation is a natural occurrence that we force with a chemical. It is a coating, of sorts. It wears off, but it depends on many factors as to how fast including chemicals the ring touches and your personal chemistry. Some folks like how it fades, and others it goes bright silver with black details, which might be an issue. 

Luckily, it’s simple to re-oxidize and re-texture at home. 

You’ll need Jax Silver Blackener. 2oz would be enough. You can find this on Etsy. Rinse the ring off with a little soap and water to remove oils, “paint” on the oxidation liquid with a paint brush you use just for your ring, and then it’s done in about 30 seconds :) Some folks just pour the solution in it’s cap, and sit the ring in for 30 seconds, and pour the liquid back into the container.

If you like a more scraped-scratched look to the metal, you can use 000 or 0000 gauge steel wool (fine, thin) afterward on the ring. You can find this on Amazon. If it doesn't look 'right' it's simple to start over.

Over time, if you didn’t clean the ring or do anything at all, (especially if you let it sit in the bathroom you use to shower in) it’ll actually go back to being oxidized on it’s own. That type of oxidation is a more permanent harder-to-get-off natural oxidation.

And, if you ever want to remove oxidation, you can use one of those white ‘magic erasers’ on it. It proves to work faster/better than just a silver polishing cloth. Although, you might consider a silver polishing cloth as step two.

Please make sure you understand our Midwinter Co. product policies. We are a super small business by a husband and wife team. 10% or more of the proceeds are donated to trusted charities. Pssst We do not charge tax. Click here to let us know how we can guide help you and make you feel comfortable with your purchase. Feel free to check out the reviews.

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