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We purchase diamonds when we cannot resist the beauty or their price. We pass along savings to you with our stock diamonds.

However, you are not limited to only what we are showing you. Sometimes we also hold stock that isn't listed yet, and our suppliers always have more. When you just are not seeing the diamond you love, just let us know and we'll find the perfect stone for you.

Simply let us know what you're looking for on our Custom Order Inquiry form. When you fill this form out, we get started on our hunt just for your preferences and price range. You can attach one file, and/or email us inspiration for visual reference. 

Excited to hear from you!

Please make sure you understand our policies. We are a super small business by a husband and wife team. 10% or more of the proceeds are donated to trusted charities. Pssst We do not charge tax. Click here to let us know how we can guide help you and make you feel comfortable with your purchase. Feel free to check out the reviews.

Helpful info:
Frequently Asked Questions | Diamond information | Return/Exchange/Repair Policies

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