Copy of Metals & Jewelry Care

Sterling Silver- Our Sterling Silver is made in the USA, is .925 Silver and contains no nickel.

Oxidized Sterling - Oxidized Sterling is a chemical treatment that we force onto our Sterling Silver. It is a dark gray treatment, darker than how Sterling naturally oxidizes. The oxidization can wear off over time. How fast it wears varies depending on your body chemistry and use. It is easy to re-oxidize at home if you wish! You can google these easy options: Jax Silver Blackener, or Oxidizing with hard boiled eggs! Contact us if you want us to re-oxidize your jewelry or if you'd like to purchase Jax Silver Blackener from us! Email: 

14k Yellow or Rose Gold Fill - Our gold fill is 5% 14k solid gold bonded to another metal like Brass or Sterling. It is harder than Sterling. Unlike gold plating that is .05% gold and wears off easily, our gold fill is a thick layer of real, solid gold. Gold fill is an awesome alternative to spending the cash on solid gold. It does not wear off or tarnish easily. Those that are allergic to silver tend to not have an allergic reaction to gold fill. We have recently upgraded our 14k gold fill to higher % of gold!

10k or 14k Solid Gold - Our solid gold offerings are genuine, solid gold in the purity you purchase. Gold needs very little care, is very strong, and does not tarnish easily.


All jewelry requires care to continue looking like new! 


General Care 

It is best to keep your jewelry dry by avoiding showers and misty rooms like the bathroom. Store jewelry in a dry location. Keep jewelry in little bags or boxes, or hanging away from other pieces to avoid tangling when storing. Wrap jewelry in a jewelry wrap when traveling to avoid tangling. 

Sterling Silver

Sterling Silver can tarnish other pieces around it, so keeping your favorite pieces in separate bags or boxes is a good way to avoid tarnishing.We recommend using a dry sterling silver microfiber cleaning cloth to remove natural oxidation from Sterling.

0000 gauge fine steel wool is a great way to remove unwanted oxidation from non-dainty sterling. We recommend use of this on our rings. It can give jewelry a "scratched" look, but it is very subtle and some actually prefer the look!

Oxidized Sterling Silver

Oxidized black sterling silver is a treatment that we adore for our silver pieces. However, you will be expected to care for your jewelry to maintain this color. All oxidation on sterling and gold from any store can possibly be rubbed off with wear, and depending on your body chemistry, this can be a long process or a short one. 

We use a chemical to flash oxidize your Sterling to make it black. Oxidation is a natural tarnishing that happens over time. We force oxidation which is just a thin layer of tarnish on top.

Here are some ways to care for your oxidized jewelry:

A. Use Jax Silver Blackener, which comes free (within USA) with our 1 carat diamond ring. The directions: Clean sterling of finger oils in soap and water, dry off, dip into Jax Silver Blackener chemical avoiding touching the chemical. Leave in for 30 seconds, put the chemical back into it's jar. Rinse your jewelry of the chemical in cool water, dry, and wear!

B. Clean sterling of finger oils in soap and water, dry off. Hard boil 5 eggs and allow them to cool. Break open, mash them up, and place into the corner of a large zip bag. Place your jewelry into the bag without touching it to the eggs. Leave in the bag overnight. The sulfur in the eggs oxidizes Sterling Silver. You can search google for more instructions.


If you have tarnishing on your jewelry from your natural bodily chemicals, showering with jewelry, or leaving it in a wet area, you should try using a dry sterling silver cleaning cloth