Jewelry Care Needs

Jewelry is sentimental, often worth far more than its material value. These precious pieces are made of natural minerals and small bits of natural metals, hence the expectation to need some love from time to time. It is often said that if there is anything that might need correction or attention, it will likely show up within the first year of wear. Our built-in warranty covers most repairs for 5 years. Read more about our policies here.


Please be aware that any repairs done with another jeweler voids your warranty. Any resize done with another jeweler typically does not void your warranty. If you would like to send your ring back to us for any repairs or resizes, but work has been done with another jeweler, please send us a copy of your receipt that includes the date and the work that was done.


Due to the unique nature of our pieces, we can not guarantee we will have the right materials available to repair your ring. Stones in particular are one-of-a-kind and typically can not be perfectly matched.

We know your piece is special and will keep it well-loved and in good care back at our studio.

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