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Midwinter Co.

Bespoke engagement + gifts with modern, unique natural stones.

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Custom Work

One option: We work with you online to create your custom piece. Pick your stone and your ring setting, or e-mail us to discuss 100% custom.

Micro business
Ethically sourced stones
90%+ Recycled gold
10%+ Profits to charity

Free shipping

We send your pieces for free, with tracking and delivery confirmation. Upgrades available!

We are located in Wilmington Delaware. Due to our state tax laws, if you are able to visit and purchase in-shop, we do not charge tax.

Free warranty attached!

Kind Client Service

No intimidating customer service here! We know this is the first time you have done this. We are always friendly, ready to answer questions or help with any guidance you may need.

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    Call / Text: 1-302-501-5223

    10%+ profits to charity. Ethically sourced stones. Stunning natural Diamonds. Recycled metals. Bespoke and fine designs with a modern touch. Super friendly tiny business.

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    The best experience

    The jewelry industry is full of pretentious and snobby sales people. We've experienced it too, and it's just unacceptable. Buying special things should feel special.

    There is a reason why we call Barbara our "sweetheart." Your experience will be warm, comfortable, and educational whether through e-mail or in-person.

    Learn more about our tiny team.

    Lifetime Care Plan Available

    "Lifetime warranties" are often very limited to what the makers agree is their fault. We believe our built-in warranty is stronger, and our add-on care plans are the best in the industry.

    You can purchase a genuine lifetime warranty though the highest most trusted jeweler insurance company in the world for over 100 years. Purchase it with your ring order, and you will be covered.

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    Let's create it!

    Send us your sketches and we will work with you to create an ideal custom ring with our unique stones and sleek style.

    You receive digital mockups before purchase to make sure that you are 100% pleased, and feel educated, guided, and secure in your purchase.

    Newest Reviews

    Midwinter listened to my fiancé and crafted the most beautiful ring. They were quick to respond to email, pre and post ring.

    Here's the kicker, the diamond my guy picked had a flaw and Midwinter didn't see it until they were setting it. They let him know *instantly* and even upgraded the diamond for no extra cost. If that's not good customer service, I don't know what is.

    Finally, the rings are so fairly priced. I recently got my ring appraised and the cost they quoted us was *right* on the nose of what my fiancé paid. Midwinter RULES. I even went to their pop up shop this past weekend in NYC and they helped me find the wedding band I wanted.

    Evelyn L.

    My fiancé did a great job customizing this ring with Midwinter! They even featured my ring on their Instagram ;) Their customer service was flawless when my fiancé set our apartment as the mailing address and they helped him get it redirected and delivered to a post office (so I wouldn't accidentally get the package when it arrived). The ring was on back order when he ordered it knowing it would take a few extra weeks but he received the ring quicker than expected. The tourmalated quartz is one of kind so no one will ever have the same ring as mine which is something I wanted. They have so many beautiful stones and settings it was seriously hard to chose from. I recommend them to all my friends when they ask "WHERE DID YOU GET YOUR RING?!" So thank you Midwinter for a uniquely perfect ring. I've been wearing it for a few months now and it looks as shiny and new as the day he proposed.

    Kaylee G.

    I had the pleasure to interact with Barbara and purchased a ring from Midwinter. They took the time to answer all my questions and provide a customer setting I was looking for. From my initial message to shipping my experience has been great! Great people, great products, great experience. Thank you!

    Romain G.

    I found Midwinter advertised through Instagram. I'd been struggling to find an engagement ring that felt like "the one" for me, and I was about to give up and randomly select a ring I'd already seen until I came across Midwinter's page. Every piece on this website is absolutely beautiful! I absolutely loved being able to choose my own setting and gemstone, which is what I ended up doing. I couldn't be happier with my ring, the moissanite is absolutely dazzling. It shipped about 2 weeks after we originally ordered it! My fiancé and I adore it and can't wait to purchase our wedding rings from Midwinter as well.

    Jessica C.

    I stumbled upon Midwinter Co. on Instagram and fell in love with their styles of rings and how unique they were. After showing the ring of my choice to my sister and best friend they knew it was the one for me. I shared it with my fiancé (among some backup choices) and once he saw it was my favorite he went for it. It was even more beautiful in person and I constantly get compliments on how it fits my personality perfectly.

    My fiancé was happy with the ordering and delivery process. I reached out to get some information on the ring to get it insured and heard back within the hour. We experienced nothing but pleasant exchanges and professionalism. I look forward to working with them again to get my wedding band!

    Lindsey W.

    It is hard to put into words how happy I am to be a customer of Midwinter Co's. A few years ago, my bestfriend purchased me a beautiful necklace from them and I have been a follower on Instagram ever since. My now husband knew I loved their work and surprised me with my beautiful engagement ring. I, of course, then purchased my stacking wedding bands after consulting with them online and couldn't be happier with the result. I highly recommend Midwinter Co. for anyone who is looking for something a little different from the traditional engagement ring. The service is down to earth, responsive and pleasant. The quality of all 6 pieces of jewelry I now own from them is high. I receive so many compliments and I am happy to know I am supporting a small business.

    Rebecca S.

    I found MidWinterCo by accident, I fell in love with raw and salt and pepper diamonds online and followed MidWinterCo for about a year.

    Experience 1 (pre-made purchase): They posted a ring that screamed perfect and my fiancé spoiled the surprise and had to ask if we were willing to take a risk and spend thousands of dollars on something we couldn't see or touch in person, especially on a ring I would wear the rest of my life.

    I am so glad we took the risk! I have worn my ring for about a year now and it is the most beautiful creation I have ever seen and I cannot wait to add custom bands to it in the future.

    Experience 2 (custom work): After looking for a wedding ring for him forever we ended up asking MidWinterCo if they were open to a "flat top ring with an offset ruby", which was outlandish to local jewelers we asked. Within 24 hours I had an estimate and a mock-up!! They gave me several options (cost, style, etc.) they kept us updated every step of the way and I just cannot day enough good things. Anyways, I could not recommend MidWinterCo more if I tried. I will continue to do business with them as much as I can.
    Thank you guys so much for everything!!

    Lindsey A

    When my fiance (now, husband!) told me he was talking with a jeweler, I had no idea it would be with such a unique, trustworthy, and quality company like Midwinter Co. We both wanted the ring to be a surprise, and the only two details I shared with my fiance was "gold and timeless."

    Samantha worked with him to choose the diamond, the setting, and created a custom ring that is more beautiful that anything I could have imagined or even chosen for myself. The first time I saw the ring at our engagement, I was of course overcome with joy for so many reasons!

    But one of my first thoughts was that my fiance and Midwinter designed a ring that would become an heirloom in our family for generations. It's gorgeous now, and the quality, unique cut, and style will be timelessly gorgeous forever.

    We set up an appointment with Midwinter in advance to choose a matching wedding band and a wedding band for my fiance, as well. They had a wide range of choices and every band looked gorgeous with my ring, leaving a lot of customization to find what you love. I recommend looking through their Instagram to see their work.

    And fiances-to-be, you can absolutely trust Midwinter to design the perfect ring for you!

    Rosalind M.

    I could not be happier with the excellent customer service, and overall quality of the engagement ring that I bought for my fiancé.

    We originally were looking at dark gray stones and loved everything that the Midwinter co design team was creating. We decided to go with one of the darker gray stones and it was shipped to us. Unfortunately, the stone was not as gray as I had thought it would be, and knew my fiancé might be upset about that. I e-mailed midwinter co asking about whether it was the stone that we had seen or not. Barbara from customer service replied almost immediately sending me pictures and videos of the varying stone shades and apologizing that it was not exactly what we thought we had chosen.

    Truthfully, I was rude in my email and Barbara could not have been sweeter, more understanding, and willing to work with me to make sure I had exactly what I wanted.

    At no cost to me, they offered that I could return the ring prior to my proposal and they would reset it with one of the darker stones of my choice (from a few they sent pictures of to me) and they would have it back to me before my planned date. They also offered that I could propose, and have my fiancé choose. I chose the second option, and we decided we liked one of the darker stones better. The ring was sent back and returned to us within a week and we could not be happier!

    We were so happy with the design, service, and their stones that we had bands made by them as well. Thank you so much midwinter co, I would be more than happy to recommend them to other people. Online shopping, especially shopping for something that is very special and a large expense, can certainly be a terrifying thing, but I would not hesitate to send them more business or work with them again.

    Jonny S.

    Midwinter is an amazing company. The owners are amazing people. They helped my make right one of the deepest embarrassments of my life.

    I celebrated my 10 year anniversary this year. I married my best friend. She changed my life and set me off on a path beyond my wildest dreams. I owe who I am today to her love, patience, and devotion.

    A few months before I popped the question I spent weeks calling and basically interviewing custom jewelers to make my wifes ring set. The experience was hard, but tremendously enlighting. I left the process informed and extremely excited the next stage of engagement planning.

    Unfortunately, due to circumstances out of my control I lost all of the money I had to purchase my wifes ring. I was devastated. I was embarrassed. I had no idea what I was going to do. My wife and I had already began planning our wedding. She was doing so in good faith that I would have a ring. Deep down I knew I wouldn't.

    One day after work I was having a moment complete desperation. I had to figure out how to get a ring for my soon to be wife. I stopped by my parents house to talk to my Dad about how I had lost my money, but couldn't swallow my pride enough to ask for his help. My Dad could see in my eyes how hurt I was. He never said a word about the situation I had gotten myself in. He asked me to grab my jacket and he took me to Macy's. I bought my wife a $100 wedding ring set. It crushed me, and I vowed to do whatever I could to do better for my wife. This is what you do for someone that saved your life.

    I had been familiar with Midwinter's custom rings for a long while. If you visit their Instagram feed it won't take long to see the amazing vision and craftsmanship they put into their rings. I was looking for something that fit my wifes personality ... not too flashy, practical, but definitely not boring ... something that would reflect who she is. I wanted something that would tell her I never forgot how hard it was to receive the ring she got, and that I was so thankful for her grace when she told me she loved it and brimmed with excitement as she slid it on her finger.

    Midwinter gave me the redemption I was looking for. They worked with me to find something that was perfect for my wife. They were so easy to work with. We found a match in my very first meeting with them. I received the ring practically overnight. They packaging was an awesome reassurance that I was getting a ring from people that care about the story behind the ring, not just selling jewelry. I've been recommending them to everyone willing to listen!

    Wes G.

    My fiancé and I worked with Midwinter back in January to craft the gorgeous Edith ring with a blue-grey spinel. Midwinter was so sweet, responded quickly and was patient with me when I changed my mind about the design last minute. Boy did they create a beautiful custom ring for us!

    Not only is Midwinter my favorite jeweler because they promote sustainability in the industry and contribute 10% of their profits to charity but they also made the process of creating and ordering the perfect ring seamless and efficient. We could not be happier with the engagement ring and are looking forward to working with them once again on getting an equally beautifully crafted wedding band. Thank you Midwinter!

    Tory S.

    Thank you midwinter co for being amazing!! The design and ethical practices of your company are what sets you apart and makes you so special. (Although I already have my ring- I can't help but to keep gawking at your Instagram). When my husband and I were picking out our wedding bands we knew we wanted something different and unique to our personalities. This was the place to go. The service was excellent and speedy. My wedding band is gorgeous, and I am proud to show if off and share the story of this company to anyone and everyone who will listen.

    I saw 1 other genuine review about someone who experienced the metal bending. I've had my ring for about 3 months (white gold) and I haven't experienced any of that. After a quick google search it looks like 2-3 years is average time for ring bending esp for the softer metals, thickness of band and depending on wear and tear. Seems like that'd be a problem anywhere. We were told by others married for years that you should get your ring cleaned and checked out every 6 months to a year. Standard maintenance will probably help to prevent this. Just FYI in case that was a deterrent for anyone!

    Katherine R.

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