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Black Diamond Solitaire - 14k gold Necklace


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We are a tiny business centered on relationships. Midwinter Co. is run by a husband and wife team. Love is our foundation and our purpose. We work one on one with our clients, doing our best to tell your story through our work. Our jewelry is meaningful and sentimental, relational and purposeful. You are a large part of our story, and we hope to be a small part of yours.


We are on mission to be a blessing to our clients and cause a chain reaction of good that benefits people around the world. Our profits are shared with local and international based charities that serve those in need with food, education, lodging, and much more. We buy our supplies and materials from fair trade small businesses that in turn serve their local mining community and economy, and put meals on the table of other small business employees and owners. Midwinter Co. is a very small eco-friendly studio with very little use of home energy / transportation, and very little waste. We choose to be a light in the world of business by offering affordable and high quality jewelry all while serving everyone, in all walks of life, with joyful hearts. 


We are part of a bigger story, a wider connection, a mission larger than the pursuit of our happiness or fulfilling our dreams. We believe we are called to reflect God's restorative mission by displaying to the world what he is like and how he loves. This is why you (no matter where you are, what you believe, or how you live your life) will be treated with kindness, respect, and honor. Life isn't about rules and earning God's favor, life is all about reflecting the love of Christ in our everyday thoughts, words, and actions. We believe that our mission is to serve God with our business by blessing others with not only the products themselves but also in the decisions, practices, and actions that carry out the inner workings of Midwinter Co.




Midwinter Co. is an independent engagement ring jewelry brand. Our concepts are clean lined, minimalistic, and inspired by classics. We research where our materials are coming from, and work with USA based suppliers and artisans, and fair trade studios and suppliers worldwide. At least 10% of profits are given to carefully selected charities. Our goal is to offer a unique style while doing our part in a community and world that needs it. Midwinter Co. products are made/finished in our charming eco-friendly studio. We work one on one with our clients to create one of a kind, unique pieces. The diamonds and gemstones are conflict-free as we have researched our suppliers that stock from approved Kimberley Process channels. The jewelry we design offers a new, fresh perspective of the raw beauty and character of natural gems. We use perfectly flawed diamonds, only natural gemstones, and high quality, uniquely styled metals.   

You've seen us on: E! News Television, and Fab Europe, Country Outfitters, Martha Stewart American Made as a finalist, Refinery 29, and fashion magazines around the world since 2008


We are Caelen and Samantha Bird reside in northern Delaware, where we run Midwinter Co. from our small home studio. Together since the age of 14, we are truly the closest of friends, and have creative skills and perspectives that compliment each other. Caelen is the bona fide artist, the oil painter and musician that loves working with the earth and it’s materials. He sets the stones, does the metal work, and the packaging/shipping. Samantha is the business woman and modern design enthusiast that loves offer a fresh take on classics. She is the customer service sweetheart that you talk to from start to finish, the designer and project manager, stone hunter, all while being the social media marketer, photographer, and web designer. As a creative and business team, we work in different spectrums which creates a sense of harmony and freedom in our career together. We have two amazing children (and 5 pets), are active in our church, and have a heart for our city of Wilmington, Delaware.


We are on mission to be a blessing to our clients, and we hope to be a small part of your story.