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Midwinter Co.

Our Style

We simply do not conform to mainstream jewelry industry standards of only offering the long idolized clear white diamonds. Our catalog is complete with very exclusive and one of a kind pieces, and we work directly with clients to create the custom piece of their dreams. The jewelry we offer has a new, fresh perspective of the raw beauty and character of natural gems. We use perfectly flawed diamonds, natural gemstones, and high quality, uniquely styled metals.   


At least 10% of profits are given to carefully selected charities that serve people in need. We are committed to taking part in providing for those in need within our local community and throughout the world. Aside from money, we also donate jewelry to charity auctions, and we donate our time.

Socially Responsible + Ethically Sourced

The diamonds and gemstones are ethically sourced from approved Kimberley Process channels. With our stone purchases, we strive to support environmental protection and fair labor practices. Our main gemstone and small diamond supplier is committed to ethical sourcing and has provided proof of their compliance with the US Patriot Act.

Recycled Metal, Sustainable, More Earth Friendly

ÔĽŅThe 'imperfect' diamonds we source are much less taxing on the environment than you classic white clear diamonds. During the mining process,¬†a few hundred tons¬†of earth are extracted and shipped off (using fuel and time) to be dug through to find one carat of clear diamond. We do better by using the beauty that the earth is producing with less mining, instead of only using what the jewelry industry deems good enough. The metals we use are 90% (or more) recycled from our casting companies. This is an eco-friendly and cost-saving practice. We may also use antique stones and pre-loved gems, especially in our Evergwen collection. We create heirloom quality pieces that will last. But, in the future, your family¬†can use the stones and melt the gold¬†to create something new.



We are a tiny business centered on relationships. Midwinter Co. was founded by Husband and Wife. Love is our foundation and our purpose. We work one on one with our clients, doing our best to tell your story through our work. Our jewelry is meaningful and sentimental, relational and purposeful. You are a large part of our story, and we hope to be a small part of yours. 


We are on mission to be a blessing to our clients and cause a chain reaction of good that benefits people around the world. Our profits are shared with local and international based charities that serve those in need with food, education, lodging, and much more. We buy our supplies and materials from fair trade small businesses that in turn serve their local mining community and economy. Our shop / studio is small and eco-friendly. We choose to be a light in the world of business by offering affordable and high-quality jewelry all while serving everyone, in all walks of life, with joyful hearts. 


We are part of a bigger story, a wider connection, a mission larger than the pursuit of our happiness or fulfilling our dreams. We believe we are called to reflect God's restorative mission by displaying to the world what he is like and how he loves. This is why you (no matter where you are, what you believe, or how you live your life) will be treated with kindness, respect, and honor. Life isn't about rules and earning favor, life is all about reflecting the love of Christ in our everyday thoughts, words, and actions. 


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