Want to Propose to Your Man? This Year is the Year to Do It!

Have you heard of Bachelor's Day? This Irish tradition encourages women to propose to their partner on Leap Day. Here's everything you need to know, along...

Feb 22 2024
Post by Joanna Mizak

Why are Sapphires Good for Engagement Rings?

Why are Sapphires considered a good stone for Engagement Rings or daily wear? What is a Sapphire? Sapphires are crystalized rocks found in both igneous and metamorphic rock. Aluminum Oxide deep...

Feb 12 2024
Post by samantha bird

10 REAL signs that you are ready to Get Engaged

The leap of faith in this level of commitment can feel overwhelming. How do you know when you're ready to get married? When is a relationship...

Feb 10 2024
Post by samantha bird

Gem Size Chart - Printable

It can be difficult to know what size stone you like. We found an amazing printable chart by the IGS - International Gemstone Society. Please click...

Jul 10 2018
Post by Midwinter Co