Our Diamonds - Celestial Diamonds

A lot of our listings use the term "Celestial Diamond" - so what's the difference between Salt and Pepper Diamonds and Celestial Diamonds? It's very subjective, but we often use "Celestial" to replace what most in the industry refer to as "Salt and Pepper". We use the below color chart to classify each of our diamonds and help you decide which celestial diamond color is perfect for you!

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Our grading system is unique because Celestial Diamonds (trademark pending) are not the industry norm. Color grading systems tell you what you cannot see with your naked eye with codes to classify their rareness. The grading system for clear white diamonds is important because you need to know what you are buying and cannot tell on your own. As you can see, our diamonds do not conform to standard grading. When sent to the GIA for certification, our diamonds come back with the word "fancy" as their grade. (They too think these diamonds are fancy!)

We have created our own chart and grading system that we call the Midwinter Co. Celestial Diamond Code Chart. Since you can clearly see the difference in our diamonds with the naked eye, you can look at our different codes and clearly communicate to us what you like best and share what we call your favorite coloring/clarity of diamond.