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Midwinter Co. gives 10% of profits to charities that serve people

Our business model is based on eco-friendly, ethical, and giving practices. We believe in the power of giving back and we appreciate every chance we get to donate.

Thank you for helping us serve others and give back to a city and world that needs it! Here are the amounts given in the past few years:

2019: $82,500 

2020: $110,000 

2021: $143,000

2022: $161,000

We care about people. By the end of 2022, we have given money, time, and items to sell for charity auctions to close to 30 different charities in the past few years! 


Here are the charities we gave to in 2022:


• Love146

• Habitat for Humanity 

• St. Jude

• Brandywine SPCA 

• Urban Promise Wilmington

• Sunday Breakfast Mission

• The Trevor Project

• Boys and Girls Club of Delaware

• Latin American Community Center

• City Church of Wilmington 

• World Vision

• West End Neighborhood House

• Friendship House

• Foster Well 

• Kingswood Community Center 

• Urban Bike Project of Wilmington

Do you know about Trolley Square Market’s giving as well?

Midwinter Co. opened a sister business in 2021 directly next door to our studio named Trolley Square Market!  Trolley Square Market is a highly aesthetic gift and general store type shop that gives 10% of every sale to different charities every month! On the list in the first year of opening has been Brandywine SPCA, our local Boys and Girls Club, Urban Promise, our local Habitat for Humanity, Cultural Centers local to our area, The Trevor Project, and more. You can keep an eye on rotating charities as they are announced on instagram @trolleysqmkt


Read more about our mission.