Here you'll find our most asked and answered questions.


How much is shipping to my country/area?  

Our shipping rates are as follows:

USA - Shipping is FREE within the USA if purchasing $65 of product. Other shipping options start at $5.50 for tracking, delivery confirmation, insurance, shipping price + packaging price. We also offer Priority mail and overnight shipping!

International* - We want to insure, track, and get delivery confirmation on your order. This costs us from $18 to $45 American dollars depending on your items and your country. For items under the price of $20, there is an $8.50 shipping option but we are not responsible for loss or undelivered packages.

*Please research your country's customs policies and prices. You may be expected to pay more to your country in order to receive your package. This is not something that we control. PLEASE click read our info page for more information and to understand our policies.


How long will it take to get my items?

Buying handmade / curated from a small business is much unlike buying from online stores with mass shipping warehouses and hundreds of employees working on a moving belt. Instead, it's 2 people that see your order, memorize your name, and are thankful for every order. Most items are hand made to order, which means we make it just for you when you order it. We say that orders generally take 2 to 10 days to ship out, even longer during the holidays. Length of time that it's posting depends on your shipping preference upon checkout. If you have any concerns, please contact us at any time.

Do you offer wholesale discounts for shop owners? 

Yes! We offer wholesale pricing to brick and mortar stores and select online shops. If you have a brick and mortar store, please register for an account with your business information. Contact us with a form of business identification, and will give you the wholesale code for the discount on 10 or more units. If you are the rep for a website that would like to offer Midwinter Co. products, please contact us at //  Click here to learn more about the wholesale opportunities we offer!

Do you offer gift cards?

We offer gift cards in the form of codes that you can purchase. When you purchase a gift card, we will e-mail you a code unique to you, and you can share this with the giftee. Purchase one by clicking here!

Can I use your images on my blog?

You may use our images on your blog or in your zine as long as we are credited. We do own the copyrights to every image. That being said, we love and appreciate being blogged and shared! Please email us and let us know that you blogged about us!

Can you sell my products in your Market?

We are open to ideas as to what we can sell in our Market category. Every item is curated and hand picked by us. If you'd like to see something on Midwinter Co. or have something to offer that you think is a good fit, you can contact us.

What about returns and shipping and other policies? 

You can get that information on our info page.


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Product questions/answers:

Can you make me something custom?

We are always open to custom orders. Contact us and we can discuss your ideas. 

How do I care for my Black Oxidized Sterling Silver?

We use a chemical to flash oxidize your Sterling to make it black. Oxidation is a natural tarnishing that happens over time. We force oxidation which is just a thin layer of tarnish on top. With wear, scratching, and body chemistry, sometimes oxidation can wear off. Here are some ways to care for your oxidized jewelry:

A. Use Jax Silver Blackener, which you can buy from us. The directions: Clean sterling of finger oils in soap and water, dry off, dip into Jax Silver Blackener chemical avoiding touching the chemical. Leave in for 30 seconds, put the chemical back into it's jar. Rinse your jewelry of the chemical in cool water, dry, and wear!

B. Hard boil 5 eggs and allow them to cool. Break open, mash them up, and place into the corner of a large zip bag. Place your jewelry into the bag without touching it to the eggs. Leave in the bag overnight. The sulfur in the eggs oxidizes Sterling Silver. You can search google for more instructions.