Breaking Proposal Stigmas - Why We Encourage Couples to Ring Shop Together

Breaking Proposal Stigmas - Why We Encourage Couples to Ring Shop Together

The act of proposing has always held a lot of weight. There can be a lot of pressure to plan, prepare and execute everything perfectly all while keeping it a total surprise. While we love hearing success stories of 100% surprise proposals, we believe shopping for a ring together is a fun and important part of the proposal process. 
Here's some key reasons why we encourage couples to break the stigma and shop for a ring together:

  1. This is a piece meant to be worn for a lifetime - you want to make sure it's something they'll love
    Presumably by this point you know your partner really well. However an engagement ring is going to be unlike anything you've purchased for them before. Especially for those who don't wear jewelry often, you want to make sure it's something that matches their style and reflects your relationship together.

  2. It doesn't have to be designed 100% together
    Browsing online or coming in for an appointment together doesn't necessarily mean they'll know exactly which ring they're getting. It's helpful for both of you to brainstorm together so you'll know all their thought processes and opinions before making any sort of commitments. Having your partner pick some favorites is a great way to keep them involved without sacrificing the big reveal. 

  3. You can make a date out of it!
    When you come to visit our studio in Wilmington, DE there are a lot of things to do in the area. Stop by one of our local coffee shops for a drink or sweet treat, make a lunch reservation or celebrate your milestone at one of the local breweries or wineries. (Check out our extensive list of things to do here.)
    Even if you're just browsing online you can make it a special date night by ordering in your favorite takeout and making a inspo board of all your favorite styles together. 

  4. It will deepen your relationship having talked about it beforehand
    Going from dating to engaged is a huge milestone! It's important to go into this process as a team and make sure you're on the same page before popping the big question. Looking at rings together will be a bonding experience that can help you take the time to be present and really soak up this exciting new chapter!

  5. The actual proposal can still be a total surprise

We know you want to plan the ultimate surprise proposal and you can still do that! Just because they know a ring is in the works, doesn't mean they have to know when it's coming. Our rings are shipped in discreet packaging so they won't even know when it's arrived. Just make sure you have a good hiding spot.

Everyones relationship is unique to them which is something we love and embrace at Midwinter Co. No matter how you go about your proposal, we hope its a Midwinter Co. ring that's in the box because at the end of the day we just want to be a small part of your big love stories. 



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