Engagement Ring Inspiration to Complement Your Unforgettable Proposal Idea

Engagement Ring Inspiration to Complement Your Unforgettable Proposal Idea

Got the proposal spot but need help with the engagement ring? It might be helpful to let the setting inspire the ring. Doing this would curate a satisfying and cohesive proposal that would encapsulate your special moment forever.

If this sounds like you, but you're not sure where to start, we're here to help! Keep reading to get proposal inspiration and we'll recommend some of our ring settings to match!


Proposal Spot #1: Picnic
Our Engagement Ring to Match: Meadow 


For a romantic picnic proposal, our Meadow setting is the perfect match! With a beautiful metal flower accent, it captures the delicate and calming picnic vibe. Every time they look at their engagement ring, they will be reminded of the park's beauty and the special moment you both shared.

Shop our Meadow setting.


Proposal Spot #2: Mountain Overlook
Our Engagement Ring to Match: Emery


If you want to pop the question while overlooking a mountain range, we recommend our Emery setting! With its distinctive angular halo design that mimics the peak of a mountain, it would be a subtle yet stunning reminder of the proposal.

Shop our Emery setting.


Proposal Spot #3: Cozy Night In
Our Engagement Ring to Match: Elle


If your perfect proposal is a cozy night in at your place, we recommend our Elle setting to match. Elle is a solitaire setting that matches the simple and romantic vibe of a private proposal shared just between the two of you. Elle is great because you can customize it with a one-of-a-kind center stone that captures your unique love. It looks great with any shaped center stone too! The options are endless with Elle.

Shop our Elle setting.


Proposal Spot #4: Botanical Garden
Our Engagement Ring to Match: Imogene Ring with a Moss Agate


Our Imogene with a moss agate center stone is the perfect ring to match a botanical garden proposal. Moss agates are very unique and capture the essence of a garden within the stone. The timeless simplicity of our Imogene setting pairs perfectly with such a one-of-a-kind, natural gem!

Shop our Imogene Ring with a Moss Agate.


Proposal Spot #5: Art Museum
Our Engagement Ring to Match: Orion


If you plan to propose in an art museum, our Orion setting may be the ring you've been searching for. The asymmetrical clusters give this ring an organic, artsy vibe. There's also a lot of room for customization. You can get creative and use lots of vibrant accent stones to make the ring even more unique! 

Shop our Orion setting.


Proposal Spot #6: Beach
Our Engagement Ring to Match: Carell


Our Carell setting is another asymmetrical design that we think would be the perfect fit for a beach proposal. The crescent moon shape of the accent stones give this ring a very organic, natural feel -- just like the beach! The unique design of the Carell setting sets it apart as an ideal choice for a beach proposal.

Shop our Carell setting


Proposal Spot #7: Concert
Our Engagement Ring to Match: Marley


If you're thinking of proposing at a concert, our Marley setting might just be perfect! Marley has a more subtle asymmetrical element than Orion and Carell but just enough to make it funky and unique. If you want an edgier look, we recommend doing black accent stones to really make the center stone pop!

Shop our Marley setting.

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