Want to Propose to Your Man? This Year is the Year to Do It!

Want to Propose to Your Man? This Year is the Year to Do It!

Have you heard of Bachelor's Day? This Irish tradition encourages women to propose to their partner on Leap Day. Here's everything you need to know, along with our picks for the best rings to propose to him with.


The tradition dates back to the 5th century when Saint Bridget went to Saint Patrick with the complaint that women were left waiting too long to get married because men did not propose soon enough. Sound familiar? They reached an agreement that one day every four years women should be allowed to be the one to propose and so we have Bachelor's Day on February 29th. 

Other countries adopted the tradition and over the years new twists were added. Some traditions say that if your proposal was rejected you would be owed some sort of compensation. This could come in many forms such as a fur coat, silk gloves or a juggling performance. Other traditions say you have the entire Leap Year to propose. Not only did this Irish tradition inspire the 2010 movie Leap Year but its possible it also inspired Sadie Hawkins Day! 

In 2024 you definitely don't need anyones permission to propose, but it is a fun idea to do it on a unique holiday that only happens every four years. If you're thinking about proposing to your partner, here are some of our favorite unisex rings you can use to pop the question. 


For a classic look check out our classic wedding band.
If you want that absolutely timeless look, this is the ring!

For a textured look check out our hammered or tree bark band.
These bands are really similar to our classic band with a bit more character. Our Stevie band and Kody band are two other great choices for a simple band with a more modern feel.

For a vintage look check out our Erik band.
We love those milgrain accents and the bezel-set stone.

For a bright look check out our Jasper band.
The rose cut stones are sure to sparkle in any and all light!

For a geometric look check out our Marcus band.
The band has a really unique shape, plus you can choose between a diamond or sapphire center stone.

Not loving any of our picks? Browse all our unisex bands or reach out to start something custom!

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